Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Busy week

Wow, can't believe its been a week since I last blogged! And there I was doing so well lol

Its been a very busy few days, haven't been out for ages and this weekend managed TWO nights out!

First I met up with some of my bridesmaids, 2 of whom I don't get to see very often. Lots of chatting and lots of vodka = good night :-D

Then on Saturday bf and I attended a charity night, a friend is running the London Marathon in April to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. She had arranged a disco, raffle and charged £10 to get in. In total she raised £1300 which I think is absolutely amazing!!

Lots of people there from back in the day and had a great time. Lots of vodka too lol

After a mammoth weekend bf, LM and I got on the motorway and headed south to the parentals for a couple of days.

Picked up my new car (yay to no more breakdowns!!), LM's first visit to the beach (he even paddled in the sea, bloody freezing lol) and a trip to a farm.

I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself, I know Nanny and Grandad loved having him there.

I just wish they could see him more often.

Last night my course started, OMG! Gonna have loads of homework, need to be organised and start each assignment early and not leave everything to the last minute as I am usually prone to do!!

That's about it, back to normal today just me and LM as bf has to go back room work hehe

Will try and upload a crafty creation later if the mini demolition derby has a nap!

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